What Are Riverskis

What Are Riverskis?

The Riverskis® present the next step in the evolution of paddling. They open unlimited possibilities for paddlers to explore different phases of water in exciting new ways! Riverskis® offer a challenging and fun experience while delivering the most versatile approach to any type of water condition from rivers and lakes to back bays and breaking surf. Quality MADE IN THE USA, Riverskis are simple to launch and enjoy for hours of fun, cruising a tranquil stretch of water or charging river rapids.

The skis by Riverski Sports ™ allow you to step out onto the water and paddle, standing-up in moving water like never before! Independent skis provide a natural balanced stand-up paddling experience.The dual bladed paddle allows you to maneuver with ease.

Riverskis are designed for rivers but can be used on all bodies of water. Get into Shape while enjoying waterways in a new and exciting way! Experience something new, learn something new – challenge yourself and enjoy.


A new user should find a still water access point where walking onto the body of water with the skis by Riverski Sports® on is possible. It will take a new user time on flat water with easy access in and out to understand the feel and gain balance and strength on the skis. This is a safe way to gain confidence on the skis before approaching moving water. 

1.) Life jackets and helmets are required apparel when using the skis.

2.) Read the Owner’s Manual before stepping out on to the water to gain a greater understanding of the equipment.

3.) Get comfortable with the equipment before you go out on the water. Put your feet into the boots and adjust the laces. Pick up your paddle on land with the skis on. Lift up your legs one at a time to understand the weight of the skis and how the boots will fit once you are floating on the water.

4.) Start on still water to understand the balance challenges of this sport. The skis will challenge your balance and leg strength. Once you are on the water paddling they will challenge your core, arms and back. It is a fun sport and a great work out.

5.) Keep your boots loose when starting out. It is difficult to pull your feet out of the skis
after a fall when you are in the water if the laces are too tight. Find the perfect lace tightness that fits your ability level.

6.) Before going out on the water it is important to realize, it will be your natural tendency to curl your toes and tighten your leg muscles when you feel off balance. This reaction will work against you.

7.) You will have the most success with balance if you relax your feet allowing every part of the underside of your foot to make contact with the bottom of the foot binding. This will help you relax your calf and thigh muscles. If you feel off balance when stepping on to the water, bend your knees slightly. You will experience the toe curling leg tightening reaction but try and always go back to bending the knees, flattening your feet and relaxing your legs.

8.) When first out on the skis, try shifting your weight from ski to ski. You will
notice that you will not be fully buoyant just on one ski but if you shift onto one, it will begin to submerge then just shift back and it will pop back out of the water. This exercise will help you understand the buoyancy of the skis.

9.) Always paddle with a buddy. It is important to have someone with you when paddling. We also recommend having on-land support in case of an emergency.

10.) When you are ready to try your skis on a river, set small goals for yourself and build from there. Know your entry and exit points and understand the conditions before you
step on to the water. Keep skiing on rivers safe and fun.

11.) Refer to our web site and the User’s Manual for additional information on safety and equipment.

12.) Enjoy your skis by Riverski Sports®!