What Are Riverskis


Riverski Sports, LLC was formed to bring the sport of Riverskiing on the product Riverskis® to market for all to enjoy. The Riverskis®  are self -buoyant skis created with the goal of sharing a thrilling new water sport. Skiers launch independently and enjoy the water ways. Inspired by the beautiful Souhegan River in Wilton, New Hampshire, the experience of skiing on self-buoyant skis down rivers and creeks offers an incredible vantage point on waterways and the natural sensation of gliding on the water’s surface. It took several years of building and testing prototypes to ensure the first model would be enjoyable and easy to use. It has been our goal since the product conception to make sure others have the opportunity to experience this awesome new recreation.

The first test was performed on an oddly warm day in February on Carnival Bay in Stone Harbor, NJ. The goal of the test was to understand made-in-usa-3 buoyancy and stability with two floats. With a windsurfing board cut in half with a chain saw and shortened quite a bit, Keds® duct taped to the two floats, a wet suit, a life jacket and a kayak paddle which proved to be too short for the floats, the test was a great success.

The first official pair of skis by Riverski Sports™ was constructed with wooden molds, polyurethane and fiberglass. The buoyancy and maneuverability were impressive but the weight and the bulk of each ski were not ideal. The durability of polyethylene proved by its use as the dominant material for river kayaks, became the material of choice. After numerous design changes, the final model, the Hydra was produced.

The skis by Riverski Sports™ offer an alternative to sitting in a boat or standing on a board. Riverski Sports, LLC™ was formed to support this new innovation.

Try the skis and enjoy this new sport!!